The Obscure Curio

Episode 93- Don’t Eat The Apple w/ Henry Fremin

February 10, 2022

Well folks, I gotta say, the episode I have for you right here is surely bound to make you both hoot and holler- concurrently I would imagine. As I said, Henry is finally back and shoot fire, we got down to business. Now we’re just a couple of standard edition whites, so take our pontificating with a grain of salt. And maybe a rock of high-octane crack cocaine.

As is protocol- we discuss relativity in the ideas of good and evil, social media, raising children, galactic colonization, whether or not Elon Musk is a freak, and all the generally hot button issues of the day. You might love it. Hell, you might hate it. The important thing is you listen, so that I may one day die in peace.

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